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Buddy Burners

                           A buddy burner is used in place of a stove. It will get hot enough to thoroughly

                           cook meat, boil water, etc.

                           #10 can
                           tuna/cat food can
                           scraps of cardboard
                           scraps of wax
                           old pan that can be used to melt wax in
                           pan to set old pan in while melting wax
                           3-corner can opener
                           coat hanger

                           Remove paper from #10 can. Punch holes with the can opener 1" apart all
                           the way around the top and bottom of the can.

                           Melt scraps of wax in a double boiler, using the old pan for the wax. Tear
                           scraps of cardboard into long strips that are 1" wider than the height of the
                           tuna/cat food can. Curl the strips up, put them in the tuna can and let them
                           uncoil. Don't allow them to completely uncoil. You need air space.

                           Once the cardboard has settled pour the melted wax over the cardboard,
                           filling the tuna can. The wax will absorb into the cardboard and leave a fairly
                           large indentation in the wax in the can. Once the wax has cooled go back and
                           fill it with more melted wax. While you're at it, dip some stick matches into the
                           wax to water proof them. Buddy burners are great as long as you can light

                           Untwist the coat hanger. This is the handle. Stick one end in one side of the
                           #10 can, the other end in the other side and bend them down so that they
                           don't come out of the can.

                           That's it. You're done. When you need your burner all you need to do is light
                           the cardboard, set the larger can over the smaller one and you're ready to
                           cook, boil water, make coffee, etc.

                           The use of this burner is up to you. Please use responsibility and caution.
                           Children should not use this unsupervised and it should *never* be left unattended.

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