Eileen's Angel Cards

Wall Paper Art

I have been an artist all my life and creating fun art to share with my family and friends has always been a passion.  I have been making my own greeting cards for about 25 years because I could never find anything in the retail market that said what I wanted to say.

 This series of cards titled "Angels in my life" was created to honor certain people who have acted unknowingly as Angels in my life.

The idea to create these cards using Wall paper and other found objects came to me one afternoon when I needed to make a birthday card for a dear friend and I had just aquired a few discontinued wall paper sample books. As I was flipping through these books I saw things with wings in several of the designs. That was when I decided to create a collage Angel for my friend.

After that I could not stop myself from creating more of these fun and beautiful collages representing other Angels who have helped me.

The cards in this series that I am offering for sale are six of these Angels.
You will receive 1 each of 6 limited edition, signed and numbered, photocopies of my Angel cards with envelopes for $24.00 per set plus a shipping fee.

Email me to order or for more information.

Eileen Widman


This card is created with wall paper, ribbon, pen, ink, paint and feathers.

Number 2 in the series.

Poppy was created with wall paper, feathers, glitter, colored pencils, fabric and ink. 

Number 3 in the series.

Rosa is created with wall paper, feathers, colored pencil, ink, copperfoil and glitter glue.

Number 4 in the series

Chelsey was created with wallpaper, feathers, gold tissue, pen, ink, colored pencil and glue.

Number 5 in the series.


Bonnie was created with wallpaper, paint, pen, ink and rinestones.

Number 6 in the series.

Flora Abhren
#8 in the "Angels in My Life" Wall paper Art Cards Series

<>Flora is made from Wall paper scraps,Acrylic paints, Pen and Ink,Peacock feather down, and humming bird feathers from a humming bird that fell dead into my hand during a territorial fight by my feeders.

Completed January 29th, 2006

Email me to order or for more information.