Paper Pots

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These pots are excellent for starting seeds in and much less expensive than buying them in the store.
Your investment is in time and an old newspaper


                           Tear a newspaper into 4" strips. No need to be fussy about 4", a little more or
                           less is fine.   You'll need one strip per pot.

                           Using a glass the size you want for a pot (I use 3" usually), wrap the top 2" of
                           the newspaper around the glass, leave the bottom 2" to fold over the bottom
                           of the glass. Fold the paper at the bottom of the glass over and hold with a
                           small piece of tape if necessary. Remove from glass and Viola! A
                           biodegradable pot.

                           When you put your plants into the garden you should remove the piece of
                           tape, open the newspaper at the bottom and allow the roots contact with the

                           If you're concerned about cutworms you can rip your newspaper into 5" strips
                           and leave the top inch as a collar above the ground.

                           I find these pots work well for corn. It allows the corn a head start on the
                           growing season and doesn't damage the important tap root when

Copyright 2005
Robin Follette

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